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Standard Square Plate Curtain Wall

Brand : Hagrien

Product origin : China

Standard Square Plate Curtain Wall

Product Introduction

1. Standard party board series&Standard ledge ceiling series

The standard ledge type square plate ceiling uses the disposable forming technology,The product production is scientific and standardized,The spare plate is divided into the plane type and pinhole type with the sound absorption effect,The pinhole diameter of the pinhole type is 1.5,1.8,2.3,3.0,etc,Furthermore,the pinhole type plate has more than 30 patterns,which provides the conception and imagination for beautifying the interior decoration,so as to meet the various effect requirements of the human.

2. For the materials of the square plate ceiling and plate ,the aluminum alloy 300H24/5005H14 of high quality and other aluminum plates are used as the base plates,wherein the material thickness is 0.6mm to 1.5mm,and then the various multicolored colors are coated in the powder coating or polyester roller coating mode through the special surface chemistry chromating,so as to meet the various effects of interior decoration.

3. Characteristics: The square plate ceiling and plate are provided with the special clamping type hoisting deputy keel connected with the special hanging piece and main keel into one unit,which is featured with simple,convenient and practical installation,wherein the deputy keel ,made of the galvanized steel plate with 0.5mm thick by roller forming,is featured with high intensity,large tension,difficult corrosion,etc,The hoisting member,referring to the special connecting piece for connecting the main keel with the deputy keel ,is formed by stamping through several procedures  so that the installation is changed to be simple and fast.

4. Application: The wall-mounted zinc alloy steel plate is widely applied to all the public and private spaces such as the offices,supermarkets, meeting rooms, laboratories, exhibition rooms, hospitals, schools, airports, high-speed rails, high-quality offices,ect.

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