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Bathroom partition material how to buy?

Bathroom partition material how to buy?

 Acrylic Molding ceiling price is lower, but easy to aging; colorful aluminum buckle plate price is high, but color diversity, durability, is the main use of modern bathroom ceiling materials.

  In addition, the use of aluminum-plastic plate or calcium silicate board, the latter surface coated with cement, low price, strong waterproof. Bathroom partition wall material: Bathroom wall area is the biggest, must choose waterproof strong, but also have anti-corrosion and mildew resistant material.
  Easy to clean tiles, marble, mosaic and many other colors, can be collage rich patterns, and smooth smooth and easy to dry, is a very practical wall material, but to pay attention to the color of the ground material and uniform.
  • Modern bathroom design to help people complete the process from physical cleansing to spiritual cleansing, from physical pleasure to mental pleasure.
  • Generally speaking, in addition to a reasonable separation of the bathroom, reduce the soil, bathing, laundry and makeup face interference and other conditions, but also pay attention to the overall function of the layout, color matching, sanitary ware selection and small object matching and other essentials.
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