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Public Toilet Partition Selection

Public Toilet Partition Selection

There are three places need to pay attention to: 1. We choose the bathroom partition, the overall style of the best choice is relatively simple, generous style, this style will have a better overall effect.

2. Although to choose a relatively simple and generous style, but in the overall pattern, we can also choose a good pattern and style, so the whole will not be too monotonous.

3. We are in the selection of the time, but also need to choose a more practical cut off, so that we use in the late, it can have a very good overall use of results.

Finally, our bathroom partition is also a certain color distinction, and many times, we also need to take into account the overall color of the distribution, a lot of time, our style and color will have a certain relationship, we choose the right color, not only to the whole Of the bathroom has a better effect, and the overall look will be more good-looking.

Our Toilet Partition Advantages

1. High hardness: steel are used galvanized steel car, with anti-corrosion when the rust will not be strong, strong impact resistance.

2. The color can be highly selective: the surface of the use of electrostatic powder coating technology, with a variety of colors can be selected and scratch-resistant, easy to clean.

3. Long life: around the use of automotive galvanized steel plate filled with honeycomb inside, for a long time will not be deformed, very light, the use of life can reach more than 25 years.

4. Green: 48 patents through the EPA to detect any harmful substances, can be used twice, and was authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency for green products.

Hagrien toilet partition for all areas: hotel shopping malls hospital airport subway high-speed rail banks. Hagrien 16 years to strive for innovation, only for better quality.

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